Rock Climbing in Easley, SC!

Why projectROCK…

projectROCK was a crazy idea formed while climbing on the side of a mountain years ago. We realized that the South Florida climbing community, where our first facility is located, had to travel far to experience outdoor climbing. So our idea was “instead of going to the mountains, let’s bring the mountains closer to us.” We wanted to Bring Outdoor Climbing Indoors.

Whether you’ve never stepped a foot off the ground or you are a seasoned climber, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience “Climbing the Americas.” projectROCK gives you a chance to feel the excitement of climbing many of the iconic destinations that our country has to offer.

More and more people are trying this fun and adventurous sport. Climbing is a mental and physical challenge that has enhanced many lives and taken us to new heights (literally!).

So come tie in and let projectROCK take you there as well.

projectROCK is a new style of indoor climbing facility located in Easley, SC, inspired and designed with the focus on bringing the outdoor climbing experience indoors.

A space so unique, it creates the illusion of traveling to popular climbing destinations throughout the Americas!


To create amazing experiences through climbing and to build a community of lifelong climbers.

projectROCK has...

  • 12,000+ Square Foot Facility
  • Top-Roping & Lead Climbing
  • Rappelling & Bouldering
  • Climbing Training & Classes
  • Yoga & Fitness Classes
  • Youth Programs & Birthday Parties
  • Group & Team Building Programs
  • Retail Space
  • Event Spaces

You can come see it,
but you have to feel it to believe it...

Hand sculpted walls create the feel, texture and features of iconic outdoor climbing locations. 

Approximately 20% of the climbing terrain in the facility will feature this “REALRock”, giving you the feeling of actually climbing outdoors.

Experience the pump while training all year round on some of the tallest indoor walls in the USA.

Allowed us to create a variety of climbing destinations under one roof

We designed our walls to maximize both top rope and lead climbing.

“That’s a lot of rocks!”

Allowing for a wide range of routes to be set for all skill levels.

A hand-selected team of professional route setters from across the US came together to develop routes that recreate the feeling, movement and styles of the climbing we love.

Always find a new line to challenge yourself at ALL levels. Better finish that project quick, because these routes change seasonally.

We have gathered a well trained, knowledgeable and friendly team that are there to listen, motivate, and guide you to the peak of any project.