Not just a gym… projectROCK is an innovative Indoor Climbing Adventure Facility. It is a uniquely designed hybrid facility that combines both traditional indoor sport climbing with the best of the outdoors. From climbing to yoga, this fun place has something for everyone… 


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL projectROCKERS! We are super excited to climb out of 2020, and into 2021 and we have some exciting classes and events for January to kick it off!

projectROCK is super excited to announce that we will now be offering more climbing classes in 2021. In addition to the excitement that the new training barn is bringing, these new classes are getting everyone stoked. These classes have limited availability so if you see one of interest, sign-up. You don’t want to miss out.

Beginners Movement – 1.5 hours, $15 Members, $30 Non-members

January 8, 6-7:30PM

A clinic for those looking to develop a strong foundation of the basics. If you’re new to climbing and would like to feel better about your approach and further understand movement on the wall, this clinic is for you!

We will discuss topics such as footwork, body positioning and different hold types. Our goal is to help make a seamless transition from the floor to the top of your first project.

Intermediate Movement – 2 hours, $30 members, $45 non-members
January 21, 1-3PM and January 29, 6-9PM

This is the clinic that will help take it up a level or two. When the projects have become the warmups and those previously challenging routes or boulders are now just too easy but the next grade seems to be a little too far out of reach.

We will discuss topics such as route reading and resting along with balance and breathwork. Our goal here is to strengthen endurance, develop mental stamina and fine tune the focus necessary for the next grade.

Learn The Ropes, Literally! – 3 hours, $60

January 9, 1-4PM; January 23, 1-4PM; January 30, 1-4PM

For those ready to bring their climbing to new heights and have access to the entire facility. This class will introduce you to bouldering and go over all fundamental skills needed to Top Rope Belay. After learning appropriate use of the equipment, climbers will then learn the fundamentals of basic movement where we will discuss body positioning, footwork and different hold types.

Lead – $75 Members, $90 Non-members

January 7, 12-3PM; January 17, 6-9PM; January 28, 12-3PM

Talk to the front desk or a manager to get signed up for a lead class


HOMESCHOOL TUESDAYS – January 12, 12-2 $20 per climber, gear included

Are you a homeschool parent or homeschool group looking for a way to incorporate movement into the school day. We have you covered. Come on the second Tuesday of every month to Homeschool Tuesdays and climb the walls with a guide. (no bouldering) We keep a 1:8 guide to climber for this fun event, so please contact the gym and pre-register either by calling during open business hours or by emailing

KIDS CLIMB TIME – January 18, 12-2PM $20 per person, includes gear (MLK Day – schools are closed)

All school age kids are welcome to come to this climb with a guide event. We will staff the event on a 1:8 guide to climber ratio. Drop off your kids for a couple of hours at the gym. Pre-registration is required.

High School Meetup – January 22, 6-9PM $15 per person (includes gear)

All high schoolers are welcome to come out, climb and meet some students from other schools! This event will be staffed by guides for those who do not know how to belay. Bouldering, climbing with guides and hanging with friends (masked of course) will all be welcome. Talk to your friends and plan to come climb at projectROCK for this fun night! Pre-registering is appreciated. Call for space availability.


FULL MOON NIGHT CLIMBING – January 29, 10:30-12

We are slightly switching things up in 2021, so stay tuned for details of the dates. It might not be a full moon outside on the specific dates selected, but it will be a full moon on the inside!

February 5, 7-9PM

This fun event will be fun for those dynoing as well as those watching. This is just a fun way to see if you have what it takes to make that DYNO!

4 DYNO routes will be set, 1 for beginners, 1 for intermediate and 2 for the advanced climbers, but there for everyone to try. These routes will be able to be climbed starting at 7PM on February 5 for members only. The routes will stay up after this night and be climbable for everyone, but to be one of the first, you must be a member. Mark your calendars for this fun event.

Not a member – we are offering 50% off the initiation fee for the entire month of January! Sign up now.

Our Youth Camp Program provides hours of guided climbing and a variety of specially developed activities. Join us after winter break. And for some Kids Climb days on some school holidays.

ROCK-out on your special day! Make us a part of your next event and let our guides lead you through the adventure that is projectROCK.  Birthday and Group Packages starting from $275 for members and $325 for non-members for up to ten climbers for 2 hours with two guides. 

** Must cancel at least 2 weeks prior to date of party or event.

Come earn your climbing badge with us. Further your climbing experience and develop the essential skills necessary for efficient and smooth climbing.

The foundation of climbing is based on communication and teamwork. Create a unique team building experience which is completely customizable and incorporates activites focused on building trust and camaraderie.

projectROCK Events

projectROCK will host frequent events. PRC events range from local competitions to live entertainment to charitable events. Whether you are looking to attend one of our community events or book an event of your own, check our calendar for details

Community Appreciation Nights

Join us for our themed ROCK community appreciation climbing events in support of our local charity partners.

What's Happening This Week?

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Climbing Classes


Rock Climbing can be a little intimidating. Develop all the fundamental techniques needed to climb. Let our knowledgeable guides help you confidently explore everything sport climbing has to offer.

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This course focuses on effective footwork, balance, body alignment and advanced movement techniques.


Pricing Info Coming Soon


Learn to lead climb and increase your knowledge in this advanced level of climbing.

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Our Yoga class will allow you to explore a variety of yoga techniques and moves, designed to strengthen core muscle groups and increase range of motion.

Yoga will return soon!

Monday from 8:00pm – 9:00pm for all levels of Yoga

Our Yoga class will allow you to explore a variety of yoga techniques and moves, designed to strengthen core muscle groups and increase range of motion.

Yoga rates:

Member: $10
Non-Member: $18