Frequently Asked Questions

ANYONE! Whether you are 3 or 103 or anything in between, anyone can climb. We are an all access facility and have the Staff and equipment needed to have everyone experience the joy of climbing. If you have special requirements or needs, please call in advance of your arrival.

You should wear comfortable, stretchy athletic clothing that will allow you to move without restriction as you climb. All climbers must wear climbing shoes. NO SHIRTLESS OR SPORTS BRA climbing is allowed and headphones are not allowed while climbing or bouldering.

Climbing without the use of a ropes or a harness, but at limited heights above the ground. EVERY Bouldering fall is a ground fall and the Bouldering area uses additional padding to reduce the likelihood of injury. That said, Bouldering is dangerous and could result in injury.

The climber is attached to a rope that passes through an anchor system at the top of the climb and back down to the belayer on the ground. As the climber climbs, the belayer is responsible for taking the slack out of the system, “braking” the rope to catch the climber if they fall and lowering the climber when they are ready to come down from the climb.

This is an advanced form of roped climbing where the climber pulls the rope up with them as they climb and clips the rope to quick-draws and ultimately the anchors as they go. A special belay technique is used in this type of climbing and is taught in our Lead Climbing Class.

– If you have never climbed before, then YES, unless you do not plan on belaying for your climbing partner

– If it has been long enough since you last climbed that you do not remember how to belay, then YES

– If you already know how to belay and pass our belay test, then NO

Note – included in the price of the Belay Class is your DayPass and any rental gear you would need to enjoy your new found skill for the rest of the day in which you took the Belay Class.

PROBABLY NOT. Our classes are limited both in size and times offered and they fill up fast, so there may not be one available when you come in to climb. We STRONGLY SUGGEST you sign-up in advance and please show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time so we can get you checked in, toured and geared up for an on-time start. If you arrive after the class has started, you may not be able to participate and we will do our best to re-schedule you for the next available Belay Class, which may not be the same day.

No, we offer Day-Passes, MultiDay-Passes and Monthly Memberships. You pick which option is best for you depending on how often you think you will be coming back to climb.

It depends. If you plan on bouldering, then no, you do not need a partner. If you plan to do any type of roped climbing, then ideally you should come with a partner. We do have a program in place (Blue wrist band) to connect “single” climbers with others in the facility that have been belay certified by our staff. We also have our Climb with a Guide program where one our guides can hold the rope for you. There is an extra charge for this service and must be booked in advance.

No. We have shoes, harness and belay devices available for rent. Chalk bags are not currently available due to COVID. Also, we do not have lead rope available for rent.

Yes, we do not have Lead ropes available for rent. Also, your rope should be a minimum of 40 meters to Lead on our walls.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We appreciate your support for your climbers and will provide you a harness and belay device free of charge if you need it.

Yes, as long as the original purchaser of the MultiDay-Pass is present with each use.