Welcome First Time Visitors!

WELCOME! Whether you are an experienced climber or someone new to this wonderful sport looking to hit the crag for the first time, projectROCK will take you Climbing thru America during your visit with us. Here is what you need to know before you climb:
  • EVERYONE entering the Facility MUST fill out a waiver to go past the Front Desk. This can be done online in advance of your arrival or when you get to the Facility. Children under the age of 18 must have their waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian.
  • EVERYONE entering the Facility who wants to go past the Front Desk, MUST take an orientation Tour, where we will familiarize you with the layout, rules and different types of climbing within the Facility. Only those planning on climbing will need to pay an entry fee. There is no fee to just watch or simply hang-out.

  • New Climbers – AWESOME! We hope you enjoy this sport as much as we do and we will do everything we can to help you have a great time!!

– If you want to Top Rope climb and will need to belay for your climbing partner, you will need to take our belay class. This (approximately) 1.5 hour class will teach you how to properly tie the Figure 8 knot used in climbing, proper climbing commands, how to use your climbing equipment and how to Top Rope belay. You must be AT LEAST 15 years old to participate in this class and space is very limited. We strongly suggest you reserve your spot in one of these classes BEFORE you arrive at the facility as one not may not be available once you arrive.  If you do not plan on belaying for your partner, then no class is necessary.

If you want to Top Rope climb but do not want to Belay, you can have one of our Guides hold the rope for you. This is called Climb with a Guide, has an additional fee and MUST be scheduled in advance as space for this service is limited.

If you only plan on only Bouldering, no class is necessary. Be aware that like roped climbing, Bouldering is dangerous and could result in injury.

  • Experienced Climbers – Whether you just started climbing or have been climbing for years, welcome to our crag! If you plan on belaying for any type of roped climbing, you will need to pass a belay test upon check-in. We do belay tests throughout the day. It should only take a few minutes to get you tested (a little longer for lead tests) and on your way to climbing. Please be patient, especially if the Facility is busy.