2nd Tuesday of every month –

12pm to 2pm

1 to 8 Ratio for Guide to Climbers

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Parents or Kids 15 or older:

Looking to learn a new skill or do something you “used” to do…Come learn to belay. We will be offering discounted belay classes at 1PM on Homeschool Tuesdays for those parents with homeschoolers or homeschoolers themselves. This class is only $13 and you can use this for the next Homeschool Tuesday!

Not Currently Offering This Class.

Please check  back.


Come climb with a guide. During this 2 hour period of time you will be provided with all of the gear and instruction to get to the top of the routes and progress on a path of learning new skills both physically and mentally. On a 1 to 8 guide to climber ratio, guides will take the kids through the art of climbing routes up to 60 feet tall. The cost for this class is $25.

Once the Parents or older schoolers know how to belay, they may belay for anyone climbing during the 1PM-3PM time frame. There is no charge to you if you are only going to belay and anyone climbing only pays $13.

Grab your homeschool groups, sign up as a family, or come alone, and come try something new!!

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resources for the home educator.


There must be a minimum of 4 climbers to get the “party” started!