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Climbing Guide (Full time or Part time) based on experience

Climbing is a very new sport to many and can be quite intimidating; it is the PRC Guides’ main priority to maintain a safe climbing environment and to provide a pleasant and memorable climbing experience. Climbing Guides must cultivate a positive climbing attitude in all members and guests by building trust and guidance for all climbers needs.  PRC Guides have to be comfortable guiding a new guest around PRC and provide a good facility tour, complete a climbing and safety orientation and test experienced and new climber belay technique.  Guides provide climbing instructional sessions, climbing and belay classes and group climbing session for kids and adults.  Guides will assist and maintain control of all climbing and member interactions in the climbing areas from spotting and addressing safety issues to guiding and correcting belay/ climbing techniques.  Knowledge of rock climbing and previous climbing experience is preferred.

All Position Qualifications

–     Must be focused, proficient and confident in daily duties

–       Must be neat, organized, and goal oriented

–       Must show “whatever it takes and positive attitude” at all times

–       Must express and maintain a willingness to learn

–       Must work towards strong communication skills

–       Must understand and believe customer service is everything

–       Must be energetic and enthusiastic 

All Position Responsibilities

–       Must create a positive and good first impression with all members/ guests

–        Must invoke a friendly and enjoyable climbing environment for all members/ guests

–       Responsible for greeting and welcoming all members entering and leaving the facility

–       Responsible for all PRC sales including memberships and classes, pro-shop, drinks, and retail products.

–       Must ensure every member has signed a waiver and is checked in before climbing or touring PRC

–       Responsible for their shift register

–       Must answer all phones calls to PRC (greet and handle properly)

–       Must assist in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the facility

–       Assist in member issues

–       Obtain general climbing and gear knowledge, in order to assist members with climbing equipment. 

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