Help keep the crag moving forward!

Hello projectROCKers!

projectROCK is having our next Lost & Found Auction. This auction is a little different from our past auctions in that it will help keep the Crag moving forward!

As you all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to shut our doors on March 17th. Since our reopening on May 26th, we have been so happy to welcome back all of our climbers who have felt comfortable coming back to enjoy our facility. Understandably, many climbers (members and those new to climbing) have been hesitant to return to many everyday activities, including coming back to climb. For those members not yet ready to return to the Crag, we have kept your memberships frozen (and will continue to keep them as such until you are comfortable and ready to come to climb again). Throughout all this, we have done what we could to keep staff employed, cleaned the facility over and over, and put other measures in place to make our facility as safe a place as possible so all can come back and feel comfortable climbing again. In addition to all this, with the current restrictions in place, we are running the facility at about 32% occupancy. In addition to maintaining our current operations, we had several projects we were working on prior to the pandemic, including additions to our current facility as well as progressing on our South Carolina facility that had to keep moving forward.

These unforeseen and uncontrollable factors along with extra costs incurred to allow us to re-open and stay open, have certainly put a strain on crag operations. For the first time ever – we need help from our biggest supporters, YOU!

We’ve got chalk bags, shoes, water bottles, and even some climbing gear to raffle off! The items will be on display in the facility starting September 1. Come on in to place your bid – bid high and bid often, you do not need to be present to win. The auction will run through the month of September. Feel free to contact us if there are any questions. Winners will be contacted on October 1st.

If you are unable to make it in and would just like to contribute, click below to donate now.

All proceeds will help projectROCK continue to progress thru these tough times.

We thank you in advance and greatly appreciate all you can do, every contribution is greatly appreciated.